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Download Jing Download Jing use it to capture anything on your Screen. There is nothing to set up just follow the installation once you download Jing it is ready to go.
The application has features that will allow you to capture pictures & videos, also share them with anyone. Jing is an excellent tool it include simple and easy graphic part to any of your social or on-line conversations.

Once you can see it on your computer monitor, then it is possible to capture and save it with Jing in a minute. We are blown away by the ease and convenience of this program. After a full review we must agree that this program is excellent, free and very useful. The Jing interface features a bubbly shape which, gives a web like feel application instead of a real program that is installed on your computer. As for the menu it sits quite discreetly on the side of the screen and can be activated easily at any time. At first the capture elements can be a little confusing. Overall Jing brings up a set of cross-arrows that you will have to focus on the area of the screen you wish to capture,then you may choose either video or image capture which ever you prefer. Jing has some editing tools such as text, arrows or colors and these will often be enough. Download Jing and get started now.